About Us

After a number of jobs and professions, many journeys and some years in Norway and Carribean we choose Sunger, a small village near Mrkopalj to start a new chapter of our lives. Like many times before everything looks quite by accident, as long as the circumstances are beginning to create a beautiful, anything but a random story. Wooden house, where so harmoniously intertwined our home and our business, built not far from the village, and again outside, away from the forest, but to step up to it, away from the busy city life, yet so close to the first beach, or theatre... all this and many other things we discover Sunger as a place of peace for which we have been searching for and a place of potential we only could ask for.


Why Japodi?

It was a name of Illyrian tribe that lived in the area from river Kupa to river Una before the arrival of the Slavs. Similar to other Illyrian tribes, Japodes were both warriors and farmers, and they were using the meadows of Sunger (which supposedly comes from word Sungeri - people who produce charcoal) for their cattle to graze.

We have choosen their name like the reminder that was always someone ahead of us and that there will always be someone after us. Of course, if we prove smart enough to preserve this beauty that is entrusted to us.

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