Our Japodi is located just a ten-minute drive from the motorway connecting Zagreb with Rijeka and it is an ideal starting point for excursions to the surrounding countryside. The choice is large, indeed.

For example, in our vicinity are three caves - Lokvarka and Bukovac are in Lokve, and Vrelo in Fužine - that are open to visitors.
Because of its beauty and richness of cave decorations Lokvarka is declared natural monument.


There are also two rivers Kupa and Dobra as several of their tributaries, one should mention Kamačnik which washes the magic canyon in Vrbovsko and Kupica near another canyon, whose name says it all, Devil's passage in the vicinity of Skrad.

But perhaps the most beautiful of all is springhead of river Kupa. Somewhat hidden from visitors, springhead with its turquoise coluor and nature that surround it seemed to be moved from children's fairy tales into reality.

There is more than that. In the village Međeđa visitor can see yew older than 2000 years, certainly the oldest living resident of the Croatia, and a beautiful park next to the castle of Severin na Kupi is a rare monument of landscape architecture.

However, there are also four lakes, several strict nature reservats, forest park, canyons... Ten days are not enough to see everything

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