Agrotourism Japodi

If you have ever asked yourself how to put aside the piled up fatigue or edginess caused by the stressful and hectic city life, the answer is actually quite simple - spend a weekend, or the entire vacation if you wish, in Japodi, a peaceful agritourism resort. Within the Sunger valley, surrounded by the gentle hills of Bitoraj, lies our mountain challet. There you will recognize the healing powers of nature, only after a few hours of presence in its surrounding, and get acquainted with the kind people who will open the doors of their home for your recovery from the daily routine.

Driving through an alley of fir and pine trees alone, in order to reach the village of Sunger where Agrotourism Japodi is located, announces the different kind of vacation you will be spending within this green oasis, other than the ones you spent on snow, at sea or visiting the beehives of large world-famous cities. The beautiful wooden house impresses instantly through its warmth, cosiness and comfort and the view directed from its windows or the wooden terrace onto the surrounding forest, hills and deer, will capture you forever. In fact the surrounding is magically surreal.

Regardless of the recreational activity you wish to chose, either hiking on the surrounding mountains, one of the most beautifuil hiking tours in Croatia, swiming in the nearby lakes, or beaches on the Adriatic sea, wild animals watching in presence of a professional guide or merely to idle away on Japodi's terrace while reading a book, enjoying the mountain air and the exquisite home-cooking of your any case, Agrotourism Japodi provides a choice of numerous activities and you will return to your home, wherever it might be, cured and relaxed, lovestruck with Japodi, wanting to return again at any season.




Not visiting Agrotourism Japodi equals depriving yourself and your dearest ones from the primal return to nature.

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