About us

About us

After a series of professions, numerous travels and a couple of years spent in Norway, we decided to settle down in Sunger, a small town near Mrkopalj, and start a new chapter in our lives. As is often the case, this seemed completely random at first, until circumstances came together to form a beautiful and anything but random storey. A wooden house where living and working are harmoniously combined, built close to the village and yet outside it, far from the forest and yet just a step away from it, far from the hustle and bustle of city life and yet so close to the first beach, cinema or theatre… all this and much more revealed Sunger to us as the place of peace we were looking for. We focused our lives on our small hotel, which until recently was called Agroturizam Japodi, and now, because of its offer and special atmosphere, is called Japodi Boutique hotel.

Why Japodi?

Replicas of Japodian pottery - vessels and urns

It is the name of an Illyrian tribe that lived before the arrival of the Slavs in the area from the hinterland of the city of Trieste to across the river Kupa and finally to the Una. Similar to other Illyrian tribes, the Japods were both warriors and farmers, and so, according to legend, they brought their cattle to graze in the meadows of Sunger.

In Gorski kotar, however, unlike in Lika, there is not much memory left of the life of this ancient people, so by adopting their name we wanted to remind ourselves and others that there was always someone before us and there will always be someone after us. That is, of course, if we prove wise enough to preserve this beauty entrusted to us.